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Ziaur Rahman
Aug 03, 2022
In Medical Forum
In practical work, it is not easy to say something accurately. For example, if you work in a financial company, you may hear such conversations at work: "There are about 10,000 people applying for loans", "Many people have not applied for it", "I feel that our review is too strict". There is nothing wrong with chatting with colleagues like this, but if you are reporting to a leader or a data analyst when answering questions from the business department, you can’t say this, and you must use accurate data and indicators to describe it clearly. For example, the above dialogue can be changed to: On May 4, 10,450 new users applied for loans, and 1,450 exceeded the target; 10,450 users applied for loans on May 4, and 2,468 passed on the same day; as of May 6, among the 10,450 users who applied for loans on May 4 3,690 people passed the application, and the application pass rate was 35.31%. The above shows the situation of users mobile number list applying for loans through an indicator "approval rate". However, in actual work, one indicator is often unable to solve complex business problems, which requires the use of multiple indicators to evaluate the business from different dimensions, that is, the use of an indicator system. The indicator system is to sort out the business from different dimensions and organize the indicators systematically. In short, the indicator system = indicator + system, so one indicator cannot be called an indicator system, and several unrelated indicators cannot be called an indicator system. What is the use of the indicator system? When we discuss whether a person is healthy, we often say some terms: body temperature, blood pressure, body fat rate, etc. When these indicators are considered together, it is possible to understand a person's health status. Similarly, whether a company's business is normal (healthy), the business can be monitored through the indicator system. When there is an abnormality in the business, problems can be found as quickly as possible, analysis can be started, and then these problems can be solved to minimize losses.
How to build a complete data indicator system?
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Ziaur Rahman

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